Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Room Wars

One day my friend Annie and I were having a messy room war via text. I didn't have time to do any cleaning and apparantly noone at our house did either...big surprise I know. (I am the only one who cleans except the cleaning lady who comes twice a month and why does she come since everyone just thrashes on it the day after? Oh, wait, my sweet Drew is usually really good about helping. He wakes up most mornings and makes his bed and picks up his room. He now even makes Miles bed now that they are sharing a room. He is a good kid.) The girls room is always a disaster!!!!! These girls are pigs! They were constanly blaming each other for the mess. They now as of 2 weeks ago are in their own room. They are in heaven, but now the pressure is on to keep it clean and not blame anyone else. Every month or so I would have to go in their room and do damage control. This could only happen while they were at school, otherwise Audrey wouldn't let me throw away that piece of string that meant so much to her, or that pen that doesn't work anymore, but it's pink and we can't throw anything away that is pink! You know what I'm talking about. 1 view 2nd view my bad kitchen day

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maria said...

I refuse to join this game...I would kick your butt!